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Extracting hemp for its beneficial cannabinoids like CBD is a process that requires meticulous planning. Science and chemistry are needed to render a pure result from a raw agricultural product, and in no industry is that more clear than hemp. After all, the legality of a cannabis-sourced product is dependent on its cannabinoid composition.

Why, you ask? The federal legal framework outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill states that hemp products must contain no more than 0.3% of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Any hemp or hemp-derived oil that exceeds this level is subject to seizure and destruction, and the owner may be subjected to civil and even criminal penalties.

Oil remediation is the ideal solution for removal of contaminants or specific cannabinoids to produce a product of higher purity. In the case of THC, failure to perform necessary remediation of that cannabinoid could render the hemp CBD oil as illegal. With that being said, there are a few remediation concepts you ought to absorb ahead of buying your hemp CBD oil from a supplier, or delivering your in-house oil to the market.

What is THC remediation?


The process of THC remediation involves reducing or eliminating the psychoactive cannabis compound from hemp-derived distillates and extracts. Once the process is complete, purified oil that maintains its cannabinoid ratios and original plant profile is all that remains — a highly specific method of ensuring that your hemp-derived CBD contains exactly what is featured on the label, and complies with both state and federal laws.

For consumers, THC remediation services provide peace of mind that the hemp-derived CBD oil they are consuming is within the legal limit. For retailers, properly remediated oil means they can sell to a broader market. For hemp business owners, CO2 extraction presents an opportunity to transform limited state-legal inventory into a high-ROI product that can legally be transplanted and sold across state lines, and added to other finished good products for sale nationwide.

Why is THC remediation important?

Venturing into mass markets is not such an easy feat when THC comes into play. While this cannabinoid may harbor health-enhancing properties in the form of chronic pain relief, its mind-altering effects mean that it is restricted outside of the 11 U.S. states that have legalized the plant for recreational use.

While some hemp strains will grow with less than the 0.3% legal limit of THC, it is not possible to completely separate CBD from THC with plant breeding and cultivation alone. Since concentrations of this cannabinoid may spike during the distillation process, stripping hemp oil with remediation is the primary way to ensure your product is legal.

THC Remediation Techniques

There are four main ways in which THC can be removed from hemp oil, each of which boasts its own pros and cons. Highlighted below is an overview of each technique:

  • Crystallization – The resulting product of crystallization oil remediation is a white CBD-laden isolate powder. Although highly effective at separating the two cannabinoids, the crystallization technique may also remove potentially desirable plant compounds like carotenoids, flavonoids and terpenes; therefore this option is not ideal for consumers or suppliers who wish to retain the hemp plant’s therapeutically abundant profile. We do not use any crystallization techniques at Nutra Pure Extraction.
  • Degradation – Another technique to remove THC as well as contaminants and residues from hemp oil is degradation, which utilizes chemical, UV light degradation, and/or heat and oxidation for conversion. Since the result is a black, sludgy substance, degradation is not the most desirable option for satisfactory consumption. Moreover, since THC is not the only target molecule being degraded – CBD is also affected by this process – there’s a chance that you may lose some of the preferred compound with this non-selective method of remediation.
  • Liquid/ Liquid Extraction – When hemp CBD oil is exposed to two separate solvents that have no mutual solubility, individual cannabinoids and unwanted components can be forced out of the oil by binding it with the solvent it has an affinity for.” Typically, water and an organic solvent will be put into a device known as a “separatory funnel”, before active compounds contained in the system are separately distributed.
  • Chromatography – A popular choice in the pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing industries, this method of oil remediation is a widely used technique that can dramatically increase product value. There are two “phases” used in chromatography: the “mobile phase” is the fluid that is used to dissolve the mixture that needs to be separated and the “stationary phase” is a material that is held within a structure to capture parts of the mixture. Once the mixture enters a column filled with stationary phase particles, specific compounds are separated, a process called elution, from other compounds with different molecular weights. At Nutra Pure Extraction we have all the equipment necessary to do column chromatography to remediate targeted components from hemp oil.

Collaborating with a well-equipped remediation lab like Nutra Pure Extraction will grant you the opportunity to serve a broader audience with your hemp products. Contact us today to discuss your next remediation project to ensure you get the highest value, purity, and effectiveness from your CBD oil.




At Nutra Pure Extraction, we offer customized products and extraction services to the legal hemp industry. Our custom manufacturing lab facilities can produce top-quality hemp health products for businesses and end consumers. From providing local farmers with Supercritical CO2 extraction on demand at a competitive price, to providing winterization and decarboxylation services, our extraction facility is a fully-equipped shop for hemp business clients worldwide. Our full-service extraction lab can even assist with filtering and remediation of your oil to enhance its quality and purity, and ensure compliance with legal hemp product regulations.

Value-added Hemp Products


Looking for retail-ready hemp products like tinctures, oils, topical creams and softgels? We can extract and produce cannabinoid-rich products, (legal throughout the United States with < 0.3% THC) manufactured to your exact specifications in a pristine GMP-certified facility. Every batch is 3rd-party lab tested, and traceable from soil to oil so you have complete transparency and verification of the hemp source.

Looking to launch your own “white label” or private brand of hemp-derived products? We can provide full-spectrum oil, tinctures, and softgels in custom potency levels for your brand. With a minimum order size of just 24 bottles (36 for softgels), we can help you launch your own house-brand, or provide bulk product for you to bottle and label yourself. Put our experience to work for you.

Extraction Services for Farmers and Labs


Our extraction services are perfect for those wanting to maximize terpene or specific cannabinoid profiles. For farmers, we can customize a proprietary CO2 extraction to preserve the natural profile of your crop. We never use hydrocarbons or harsh solvents that can degrade the potency or purity of your oil, and every batch is third-party tested before and after it is processed. We take great care to ensure contaminated hemp is never processed on our CO2 system.

We will also do tolling agreements (50/50 customer split) for farmers that wish to bring us their tested biomass for toll extraction, and our minimum order size is just 50 lbs. Our economies of scale allow us to lower your costs on any order size from small-batch to enterprise level. Contact us today to turn your crop biomass into concentrated oil that is higher value and shelf-stable.


Not sure where to start? Our team has decades of experience in the hemp industry, so reach out and Contact Us with any questions or requests you have. We look forward to working with you on your next hemp project. Our team specializes only in legal, hemp-derived cannabis products and services.

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